Hello there, I’m Carly. I am a Jesus lover first, a wife second and an adventurer third. I live in my little northern California hometown, Chico, with my husband and our queensland heeler (pictured below) Frankie. Ryan and I have been blissfully married since June 2014 and I have to say being married to your best friend makes for grand adventures. I am an administrative assistant in a dermatologist’s office by week and adventurer by weekend. I am obsessed with Dutch Bro’s coffee (yes, I know.. not REAL coffee.), hiking through mountains, walking ocean trails, discovering new places whether that be in Northern California or the world, and lovin’ on my sweet, sometimes crazy family. I believe whole-heartedly that a good run on the trails can clear up any problems and I have to admit, my love of running comes purely from watching my ultra-marathoner dad in his accomplishments.

I don’t have anything life changing to say, but I thought I would write down some thoughts about marriage, life and adventure. I hope to put some spark in your step and maybe inspire you to get outside!