Becoming Portlandians: Life Update

We have officially lived in Portland for 4 and a half months and I figured I should give a life update! I have not been the best at blogging this year – I swear next year won’t be as crazy! Okay, here we go. Job update: I absolutely LOVE my job at the University of Portland. I am the Office Manager in the University Events department – I love what I do in my position, I love my coworkers, I love my boss and I love the campus (it’s beautiful, see below!)

We have joined a church called Westside – A Jesus Church and jumped into a community group right away. God has really blessed us with 5 amazing couples (and two single gals, Mollie & Bethany, you da bomb) to be in deep community with and live out our daily life. We all felt an instant connection the first night we all met and our friendships with each of  them has only gotten better since that first night. They say the hardest part of moving is finding community, butGod just really knew what he was doing when He nudged us into this specific group. Love to all my Mandamus people!

O C T O B E R – 2 0 1 7

We went on some amazing hikes this month – Dog Mountain and Silver Falls State Park. Dog Mountain is on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge (*sidenote: the”Gorge” was ravaged by fire in late August and over 40,000 acres were burned. A lot of the trails are shut down to be fixed at this point in time) and I did this hike solo (with Frankie). I had heard from my coworkers that Dog Mountain was amazing due to the views of the Columbia River but it was a “dog” (haha) to hike. It was 7 miles round trip and the first 3.5 miles are literally all up hill… it was SO hard. Here are some pictures at the top though, as you can see, totally worth the hard work!


The second hike we did was with a couple from our community group and we hiked an 8 mile route that passed 10 waterfalls. This was, without a doubt, the best hike I have ever done. We went to Silver Falls State Park which is SE of Portland by about an hour and a half (between Portland and Bend). I don’t have much to say about this place, I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Also in October –

Ryan quit his job at Allstate Insurance. He was making way too many cold calls a day and we found out, a sales job is just not what Ryan would like to do.

Ryan’s brother, Paul, married the love of his life, Brooke in Los Angeles. Ryan was the best man and I was a bridesmaid – it was a fun weekend of celebrating!

After the wedding, I went to a conference for work in Atlanta, GA. Of course, I found some time to sight see with my coworker while I was there. We visited a few Martin Luther King Jr. famous spots (his church, the firehouse he used to play out and his childhood home) and a few other fun, famous sights in Atlanta (see pics below!).

N O V E M B E R – 2 0 1 7

We flew to Chico for my little sister’s (Erin) baby shower. We had a great time showering her and Baby Callen with love and it was great to catch up with my family. It was a quick weekend and it felt like every hour we met up with different friends from Chico.

Towards the middle of November, our friend Kylie came to visit and we got to do some exploring with her while she was here. We went to Pittock Mansion -an amazing old house at the top of Forest Park – walked around downtown, took her to a famous breakfast spot called Screen Door (see picture with chicken & waffles), went to Breakside Brewery (one of our faves) and wandered the towering shelves at Powell’s.

For Thanksgiving – we traveled back to Chico to spend time with my family. I really do miss them! My family has been pretty diligent about setting up Facetime dates and texting often but it’s still not the same as seeing them in person. We did the Run for Food as it is our family tradition! (we all walked this year because we had a pregnant lady, two sick parents and me with my knee injury). Oh, and I got a tattoo during this vacation as well – three mountain peaks for the 3 sisters and a pine tree for the lone brother.

The end of November was a little boring for us – we tried some new spots to eat (Cheese and Crack is a new favorite date night spot of ours) and Ryan finished an amazing coffee table for our house. He built the table all on his own and didn’t use a model (it was all in his head). Needless to say, I’m pretty impressed with my husband!


D E C E M E R – 2 0 1 7

I’ll keep this section short and simple. On Friday ( 12/15/17) we received a text from our brother in law (Sam) saying Erin, my little sister, was officially in labor!! We packed in a hurry and rushed down to Chico to meet our sweet nephew – Callen James Harvey – 7 lbs, 5 oz and 21 inches long. Mom and Baby are doing well and Ryan and I are SO stoked to be an Auntie and Uncle to this sweet human! We arrived in Chico just in time to be among the first to be introduced to this new baby! We are in Chico until the 22nd where we will then be traveling to visit with Ryan’s family for Christmas and we’ll be back in Chico on the 27th through the 30th.



WOW – these past few months have been very very busy but we are just so happy. We have wonderful friends in Portland, I love my job and oh ya, Ryan will start his new job at Columbia Bank on January 3, 2018! We are looking forward to what the New Year holds but for now, we are looking back at all our blessings from 2017.

Always Adventuring,

– C & R



One thought on “Becoming Portlandians: Life Update

  1. Your post was worth the wait!  The updates and pictures open up another world.  One of my very favorite pictures is of Callen looking up at his Auntie Carly. | boldlyboettcher posted: “We have officially lived in Portland for 4 and a half months and I figured I should give a life update! I have not been the best at blogging this year – I swear next year won’t be as crazy! Okay, here we go. Job update: I absolutely LOVE my job at the Uni” | |


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