Portland or Bust

Hi Friends,

You may have noticed via social media that my husband, our dog, and I have moved to the great Pacific North West! Portland…. to be more specific. We packed our things, rented a Uhaul, drove 10 hours, and settled in a little condo in SW Portland. We’ve only been here two weeks but we are so in love with this city.

I have always been one for adventure and I will always believe marriage is my biggest adventure, but moving away from everything I’ve known for the past 26 years has been a hard, fun, nerve-wracking, and exciting adventure. With the exception of living in Redding for 4 months, I have never moved away from home.. I have enjoyed the comfort of Chico, CA but my little adventurous heart (along with my husband’s) kept pulling us to move away and start a new adventure in a new city… so we did!

It was perfect timing: Ryan graduated at the end of May and we knew for awhile that we wanted to move away once he graduated with his Business/Finance degree. So, we decided to take a leap of faith after we returned home from our Europe trip (middle of June)  and we both quit our jobs in anticipation of finding new ones in Portland. We had to move out of our home by June 30th and by that time, we still hadn’t found jobs or a home in Portland yet… so we begged some friends of friends to let us move into their home for a month. Now we really had a time frame… 30 days to find new jobs and a new home in a new city. We spent those 30 days driving to Portland at least once a week to interview for jobs and look for a place to live.

Around the middle of July, I was contacted by the University of Portland for an interview in which they would pay for my flight and lodging to go to them for the interview process… of course I said yes! I went through a few interviews and then I went home… and wasn’t contacted for the remainder of our time in Chico (which was pretty disheartening). We decided that once we signed a rental agreement that we would just move to Portland- whether or not we had jobs (unemployed in Chico or unemployed in Portland… might as well be in the city we want to be in!). So, on July 31st, we packed up and drove to Portland and much to my surprise, about two hours in to the drive, I was called by the University of Portland and offered the job! Fully giving the credit to Jesus for His perfect timing in our lives. It was a crazy happy moment. I started on Tuesday, August 15th and you’re looking at the new Office Manager for Events at the University of Portland… a job that is just perfect for me! Ryan is still on the hunt and we are hoping that he finds the perfect job for him soon:)

(a few pic of our home below):



So now we are here.. in Portland… for who knows how long. It’s weird and exciting and scary. Some of you might ask, why Portland? I’ve got a few reasons for you.

  2. Amazing outdoor adventures to be had (Forest Park, Columbia Gorge, etc.)
  3. The weather.. why endure 100 degrees for 3 months straight when you can have the cold?!
  4. To try something new
  5. Powell’s Book Store
  6. Did I mention the food?!
  8. Why not?

We just wanted something new, to challenge and to stretch ourselves as human beings. I don’t expect this transition to be easy, but at least I have my husband, my best friend, by my side to endure and adventure together! And all of this is very fun for us, but trust me, I miss my family so so much. I am the first of my siblings to move away and there will definitely be an adjustment period for my whole fam. Regular Facetime dates will become a thing!

We are excited to find a church and connect within a small group, to join an adult sports league to meet new friends, and to make friends with co-workers. And as much as we’re excited to put forth the effort to make new friends, we miss our friends from home already. With that said… please visit us! We have a spare room and would love to have people come visit us:)


Always Adventuring,

-C & R




2 thoughts on “Portland or Bust

  1. Hooray!! Kevin and I would seriously love to visit you:) loved reading this and love your adventurous heart!! Love katie and kevin and Avonlea:)


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